Advertising Campaigns & Media Placement

Let us help you to create a specific campaign and strategy to get you noticed. A specifically designed strategy using a variety of advertising mediums (for example print, online, press, paid and organic PR)  to build brand awareness, increase sales and/or encourage communication. The Expert team at CREATE ENTERPRISES will devise a plan to put you out there. We want you to stand out and be the leaders of the pack!

Business Development Strategy (including fundraising/friend-raising)

We thrive on the challenge to increase sales or grow your fundraising efforts. Whether you need a sales strategy, management of your precious partnerships or the creation of a new arm of your business, we can write and execute a plan to help you succeed.

Communications Programming

A communications plan is effective in anticipating what information will need to be communicated and to which audience. They outline the information that needs to be distributed and how (email, websites, reports, presentations, etc) and are an effective tool, particularly in change management, to breakdown the resistance to sensitive information and allow more people to be engaged in the process.  If you need help in the department, look no further.


Often we sit too close to our own businesses and don’t know how to put it in words what we want to say.  That’s why we have a team of creative copywriters to take the information, acknowledge the good bits, and rework the magic in to written content that aims to persuade or educate the recipient of the information to behave a certain way.

Events Management

Hosting an event but don’t know where to start? We can help deliver a range of events – from a corporate Ball to a music festival – our expertise in taking charge, organising and executing events is endless. We can work with your budget to deliver the best possible result for your business or fundraising initiative.

Marketing Mentoring

Navigating the business world can be a tough gig we know, but Carol is an expert in nurturing and motivating people and guiding them through a successful business Best Anadrol Dosage path.  She will sit down with you and map out a plan, develop a manageable timeline and can help point you in the direction of additional resources should you need, to become the most successful business you can be.

Project Management

We love to be a part of your business from the very beginning. We thrive on the challenge to launch businesses, brands and products in creative ways.  Our work as project managers means we initiate, plan, execute, control and then close out the specific goals and measure their success for you – all you have to do is ask.


Strategic Planning & Marketing Campaigns

We aim to understand where your business is at and where you want it to be – and then develop a plan of how to get you there.  Our strategies might be short term or long term, but will always be targeted to provide solutions to achieve your goals.

Creative Services

We look to develop original ideas to get you noticed. This includes graphic design, websites, media production (video, tv, radio), newsletter and magazine production, social media marketing and other online advertising. We can co-ordinate and manage all forms of creative to help you achieve your objectives.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media is an effective way to build relationships with consumers and develop loyalty and effective communication fast. You can use social media to build a brand, increase sales, drive website traffic, or any combination of those things. We can help you be engaged with your followers and run digital advertising alongside your social media platforms – providing an all-round approach to this new age of marketing.

Specialist Public Relations & Media Liaison

Back to basics with traditional channels, at CREATE ENTERPRISES we will sit with you and analyse your organisation, brand or product, and work out the best angle to get your message out there. We have serious contacts and aren’t afraid to use them!

Additional services that Create Enterprises can help manage and co-ordinate:

  • Graphic design
  • Websites
  • Media Production – video, television
  • Newsletter & Magazine Production
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising

Our services include:

  • Strategic marketing campaigns tailored to suit your business & budget
  • Business development/fundraising/friend-raising
  • Communications programmes
  • Assistance with advertising campaigns & media placement
  • Project management
  • Copywriting (including press releases, websites, brochures & more)
  • Events Management
  • Public relations & media liaison

Specialist areas of focus:

  • Start-ups
  • International development and globally focussed projects
  • Not-for-profits/charities
  • Financial Services
  • Renewable Energy
  • Universities
  • Professional Services
  • Government